We wish people to live in health, happiness and peace. However, in case of need, our people deserve the best of health services like everything else. Our warehouse was established in Gaziantep in 2014 by our founding partners who adopted this idea.

Our Mission

Our organization has made it a mission to provide the best service with the best quality at the cheapest price and to be a star in its own field with the pharmacists and the doctors we have consulted. International aid organizations, relief organizations, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, clinical trials, international wholesalers and other automation organizations are the sections we work with. Farmastar has successfully carried out many projects with many humanitarian and non-governmental organizations. Until now, our numerous projects with more than forty aid organizations have been successfully completed, and currently our commercial relations with more than eight countries continue. Ensuring your satisfaction is one of our most important and primary warranty conditions. We work with the largest and most respected companies in all areas of the supply chain and logistics in order to offer you the highest quality at the most affordable price in the fastest way. • Why? • To be a star of satisfaction ...

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